KZNEIA works in partnership with the Employers, Employees, Department of Labour regarding all aspects of lawful activities necessary for collective bargaining, negotiation of wages and other conditions of employment.

KZNEIA offers superior knowledge, expertise and insight at every stage of the dispute and bargaining processing guaranteeing you leading-edge representation for your business, making us your ultimate business partner.

Why Choose US

KZNEIA understands that your business  success within a dynamic and constantly changing Industry is elevated when you choose the right Partners in business.

KZNEIA facilitates, mediates and proactively engages with parties while actively striving to minimise and avoid conflict.

We have experienced the many benefits that KZNEIA have to offer. Within the last year we encountered many conflict situations which, with the assistance KZNEIA partners, have been settled. In addition, KZNEIA has assisted us with Employment Equity, Skills Development and free IMPACT sessions (mini-workshops). We are pleased to have been members of KZNEIA for many years.